Teams that care, create, and achieve together

Teams we work with:

  • Enjoy working together
  • Move toward a shared mission and values
  • Engage in honest dialogue and healthy conflict
  • Increase experiences of belonging, agency, and understanding
  • Know and understand their collective and individual strengths
  • Feel connection, clarity, and    accomplishment
  • Complete big projects together and enjoy doing it!

Our team-based work can include the following:

Two elements guaranteed
in our team-based work:

  1. Well-facilitated group experiences to increase connection, understanding, and shared direction
  2. Team and leadership skill development, including strength-based leadership, strategic thinking, equity & inclusion, healthy communication, & creative collaboration

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Vessel Consulting, and Annie, were the propeller behind our group's forward progress! We have finally developed strategic goals that will help frame our work. Also, we learned new ways of facilitating meetings and agenda development without knowing it.

Dawn Cypriano-McAferty, Assistant Director Passport to Careers Washington Student Achievement Council

I appreciated the opportunity to learn more about the strengths of the other members of my team and how to best leverage this knowledge to increase our collective impact.

Justin Martin, Credit Union Executive

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