Clear, creative, courageous Teams + Leaders

You care about your mission and your team.
You want to ensure your work has a significant impact on your community.
You want action, and you need time to reflect.

We can support you as an individual leader and your whole team.
Vessel Strategy & Consulting is relationship-driven and action-oriented.

We tend to the relationships that strengthen your work while supporting you to develop ideas for real change and a plan to carry out new strategies.

Need support to build your strategic framework or plan; build a creative and innovative team, or shift dynamics in your culture?


Vessel Consulting works with groups to develop engaged, creative, strategic, and inclusive teams.

We help your team strengthen your communication, collaboration & courage. Together you can create daring strategies, develop explicit decision-making processes, and build effective plans.


We support leaders with community, camaraderie, tools, and tactics. Leaders increase their clarity, courage, and confidence.  They come away from our coaching and community support with skills to handle the complexity of leading diverse teams while maintaining integrity, and decreasing their own stress.

We support fierce leaders who care about their co-workers and work hard to create a just, loving world. They are constantly striving to improve (and sometimes need to be reminded to pause and take care of themselves).

Talks + Workshops

We are available for curated workshops and talks, for example:
   + Build a collaborative, strategic team that enjoys working together
   + Create inclusive strategic planning processes that deliver actual change
   + How to lead an equitable change in your organization without burning out
   + Support an evolving, inclusive team culture that leads to community change
   + How to keep an ongoing anti-racist practice in your personal and professional life as a white person
   + How to foster peace in times of uncertainty in the workplace

Looking for diversity, equity, and inclusion training & workshops?

We work in partnership with Social Designs – a diversity and leadership firm. Check out their offerings. 

And in partnership with AP Consulting - an HR & equity consulting firm. Check out their offerings.

Are you a current or past client who would like to talk about coaching?

Schedule an inquiry call.

Your insight and wisdom was evident from the beginning! I appreciate your ability to see the big picture and take our unique staff culture into account to create a meaningful experience for all. Your combined facilitation skills as well as content knowledge made for a rich experience. Your ability to push in a kind and affirming way felt authentic and constructive.

Meredith Hayes,

I liked having co-facilitators, and that the roles of each facilitator were both defined (e.g. notetaking) and flexible to be able to be responsive to the group's needs. It was really important as well for us to have a multiracial team of facilitators for this work, so that was wonderful.

Brooke Williams,
Board Co-Chair

Clear Harbor allows you to tap into your own leadership with learning opportunities about different frameworks. And, this is a space to learn from other people, while you really connect to your own leadership potential and to bring your potential forward in a way you feel confident in.

Sarah Cody Roth, 
Executive Director

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