Our Approach, Purpose, + Values

Vessel Consulting & Strategy is committed to supporting your organization or business to be courageous and caring while working toward your long-term vision.

We believe the way you lead, the relationships and way your team works together, and the systems and plans you use, are all essential ingredients to creating powerful change.

we support you in building thoughtful, energizing, change-making strategic plans 

at the same time, we invest in your teams’ relationships, and well-being, while ensuring your leadership team is experiencing less stress and more clarity.

we create experiences that strengthen your teams' ability to work together collaboratively, engage in healthy conflict and appreciate each other’s strengths and differences,

we check in on the systems, plans, and processes that need to be in place to increase your long-term commitment to equitable change.

we work directly with leaders to increase their decision-making, courageous communication, and strategic thinking skills while decreasing their stress,

we ensure leaders are not leading alone.

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Why We Exist + Our Values

We exist to support courageous, compassionate leaders to lead with care and create joyful, just communities.

We imagine a world where each of us knows the deep wellspring of love & potential we hold inside, and we treat each other with dignity, equity, and kindness. We believe together, we can build a world in which others can feel that love without the cloud of inequality obscuring it.

Check out our guiding principles.

Our Guiding Principles serve as a set of team agreements for how we operate in our projects. They are the standards for our work with organizations. And they are what we believe courageous organizations working for social change need to foster to build toward real, impactful, just transformation.

It’s always a remix!
We are grateful to learn from and be influenced by many creative thinkers, artists, healers, and changemakers, including Roberto Ascalon, john a. powell, Adrienne Maree Brown, Brene Brown, Valarie Kaur, Jada Monica Drew, the folks at Equity in the Center, the team behind Crucial Conversations, Priya Parker, and Erika Murcia.

What We Believe

Our creative potential is stronger together. We believe the world needs spaces where leaders are supported and can collaborate to build a more just world.

We believe in racial justice, that Black Lives Matter,
and in equal LGBTQIA+ rights, gender rights,
and disability rights.
We work to increase belonging, inclusion, and equity and to dismantle false superiority, racism, and colonial ways of being and thinking. We recognize this ongoing change process requires humility, empathy, learning, forgiveness, and love.

At Vessel Consulting and in Clear Harbor, we strive to build together, lead with imagination, foster care & well-being, practice courage & understanding, and create joy-filled transformation for racial and social justice.

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