Are you ready to make a change in your organization or community?

Facilitation & Consulting

I support people in organizations and businesses in the creation of engaged teams, efficient systems, practical strategy and clear communication, so they can implement powerful community change.

Are you part of an organization, corporation, or community group that’s striving to make a bigger impact, all while taking thoughtful care of the people who work with you?

I can help you:

  • Connect with your team, build solid systems, create concrete strategies, and reduce stress so your organization or business can thrive.
  • Successfully complete your next big project and enjoy doing it! Check out my organizational consulting and facilitation for large-scale project strategy and support.

Consulting & Facilitation

I also help people find ways to live their life with less stress, more joy, and a greater connection to their values.

Want to feel calmer and less stressed, with renewed energy to continue fighting for a better world?

Come on over to my program website and find out more:

The Room Next Door Workshops

Online class begins
in February 2016


Calm those feelings of overwhelm.
Reconnect with the way you want to feel in your work life and your personal life.

This is your moment in The Room Next Door.

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Happy Clients

  • "Annie goes above and beyond to produce results that matter. She adapts to unanticipated change and every challenge that arises."

    Amanda Thomas, Director of Community Partnerships, Tacoma Public Schools