Achieve clarity, work collaboratively, and be courageous.

We work together so you can:

Be a supported leader operating with
courage, care, and integrity,

Lead in collaborative, creative teams, and

Develop clear plans that drive change.

Creative Teams

We work with teams to facilitate strategic planning, team development, communication skills, culture change, and strengths-based analysis.

Teams develop increased collaboration, communication, and planning skills. They increase their ability to problem-solve together while incorporating differing perspectives and experience joy while working together. Teams come away with a shared vision they understand and were engaged in building.

Each project incorporates creative, inclusive, anti-racist practices.
Equity is always an end goal.


Aware Leaders

We support leaders with community, camaraderie, tools, and tactics through 1on1 coaching, technical assistance, and our leadership community – Clear Harbor.

After working with us, leaders experience less stress and more joy from their work. They develop increased confidence and self-awareness. Leaders gain new communication, relationship, visioning, and planning skills that support them in leading just social change.

Our leadership coaching embeds inclusive, anti-racist practices, with a focus on awareness of power, systems, equity, and belonging. 

Annie's strength lies in her foundational commitment to anti-racism and social justice, and she is able to weave that throughout whatever process an individual or organization is coming to her for. She is thoughtful and reflective, yet uses tools and teaches you to use tools that bring value to you beyond her engagement.

Bill Hanawalt, Non-Profit Administrator

Excellent communicators, highly capable facilitators with a keen ability to synthesize information on the spot. It felt like we were constantly adjusting without experiencing any constraints on progress.

Estevan Munoz-Howard, Organizational Consultant, Non-Profit Board Member 

Join a confidential, leadership community committed to inclusion, anti-racism, and equity.

Clear Harbor gives you space to reflect, think creatively, and be supported. Be a part of a curated membership for leaders of all types committed to community change, including inclusion and anti-racism. 

Gain your very own crew.

Together you will laugh, unload, build, plan, and problem-solve.

Be supported by community and be a thoughtful, rejuvenated, joyful leader. 

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Vessel Consulting works with organizations and businesses that continuously strive to
improve their work and care about their communities. Here are a few of our clients:

Vessel Consulting invests 3% of its profit back into community organizations committed to
social change, joy, and equity. We currently support:

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