Key habits & practices for brave leaders committed to caring workplaces, long-term impact, and equitable outcomes.

Workshop Day 1 Replay

In this video, I reveal the four key habits that support you in sustaining a caring, holistic leadership style. These habits will support you to stay in the work of social change longer while minimizing exhaustion.

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Workshop Day 2 Replay

In this video, we dive in with myself and Sashya Clark to learn ways to reduce stress in transitions and the practices that support team connection, creative problem-solving and reduce burnout. These practices are key to leading toward social change, AND they are the first to be swept away by urgent, fast-paced work.

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Workshop Day 3 Replay
In this video, I discuss what the 4 habits look like in action and what they can remedy. Wesley Morris and I dive into practices and examples of ways to maintain a long-term leadership practice connected to hope and vision while actively creating impactful social change.
We share more about the inner workings of Clear Harbor and our vision to create a supportive, compassionate, lovingly challenging community of leaders committed to care, justice, equity, and social change.
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