Annie is able to create a relevant platform that is designed specifically to the needs your team expresses because she does the background work of understanding the dynamics and history of where you are coming from as a team, and where you need to go.

~Zumi, Coaching Client

The Vessel team were delights to work with. The intelligence and energy made attending meetings a pleasure. If yours is a relationship-based group, they’re the perfect fit.

~ Josh Heim, Deputy Director, 4Culture

Working with Annie has been an absolute gift. She has played a critical role in our network’s success. Annie brings to her work the perfect blend of intellect, humor, attention to detail, and strategic thinking. She’s encouraging and challenging at just the right moments, and always demonstrates deep respect for the expertise of the folks in the room. I cannot recommend her more highly. My only regret is that we didn’t find her sooner!

~ Colleen Montoya Barbano, Director,
Fostering Scholars Program, Seattle University

Vessel’s team are great at helping staff work together towards a common goal while tackling difficult topics around institutionalized racism in our country.

~ Jennie, Facilitation Client

Annie has a fantastic approach and can really read a room as to when she should hop in, direct in a certain direction, or let the conversation flow. She has a really great sense of how to build an agenda that sets up the best environment possible for a group to achieve their goals, but also recognizes energy levels and group dynamics can adapt her facilitation style and the agenda if necessary in order to maximize the group’s time and energy.

~ Christina Rocks, Account Manager, Nyhus

Annie Von Essen has the ability to synthesize multiple pieces of a complex project and produce cohesive outcomes.

~ Jackie Jainga Hyllseth, Quality Initiatives Director at SOWA

Annie goes above and beyond to produce results that matter. She adapts to unanticipated change and every challenge that arises.

~ Amanda Thomas, Director of Community Partnerships,
Tacoma Public Schools

Annie has been a source of clarity in a blizzard of transitional chaos. She helped me discern the things I want to be focused on to achieve my goals.

~ Carrie Hamilton, Coaching Client

Annie is an amazing facilitator that brings out the best in everyone present. She has a way to draw out participants in a gracious style that makes everyone feel valued.

~ Janet Schmidt, Network Director, SOWA

Since we’ve been working together, I’ve reached past the borders of my comfort zone and acquired new clients. Anna’s a gem!

~ Kathy Paul, Founder of Messagecraft Marketing

Working on business strategy with Annie is equal parts cocktail party and rocket science. She delivers incisive, actionable insights in a way that makes you feel you’re just the right person for the job!

~ Scott Squire, Owner, Nonfiction Media

Annie brings a positive outlook, she reminds us that we have more in common than we do different. She draws us back to what we are working on without people ever feeling shut down. Annie kept us moving in the right direction and focused on a goal so we could accomplish what we set out to do.

~ Kim Reeves, Customer Service, GLi

Annie is a creative communicator and she is very clued in to organizational dynamics. Annie’s kindness, personal integrity and thoughtfulness make working with her a joy.

~ Yael Falicov, Executive Director, EcoViva

The way Annie facilitates meetings is excellent. She would help us figure out what we needed with a positive energy that you just don’t see every day. This led to a lot of synergy which helped us drill-down on some key issues resulting in excellent solutions that worked well for the various teams involved.

~ Tye Walker, Customer Service, GLi