Project Description

Meet Amy Benson and Scott Squire, artists and creative business owners.

Amy Benson and Scott Squire are passionately engaged in making images which tell important stories. Their award-winning still photographic, multimedia, and video documentary work seeks to infuse the gray areas defined by social crisis with light, dignity and quite often a bit of color.

Through deep curiosity, respectful interaction and careful observation, Scott and Amy create intimate still and moving portraits of individuals, events and organizations.

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Scott and Amy Talk about their documentary project, The Girl Who Knew Too Much
“In 2008, we traveled to Nepal to film a promo documentary for an NGO that gives scholarships to school age girls. One girl, Shanta, became the main subject of our piece. She blew us away with her determination to break out of the cycle of poverty. We quickly felt a similar determination to finish telling her story. Shanta’s dream was to complete school and to return to her remote village to teach the women about reproductive health.

A year later, we were here at home, raising money to return to Kathmandu, when we got the news that Shanta had taken her own life.

Our story had changed. In about 2008, suicide became the number one cause of death among women in Nepal (surpassing deaths due to childbirth). Scott and I returned to Nepal. We traveled to Shanta’s village. We met her mother, father, brothers and sisters, and tried to find out what they think happened. In this one remarkable and ordinary family we found the very microcosm of globalization.

The Girl Who Knew Too Much is our portrait of a family struggling to survive in the new global economy.”

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The Work

I love working with Scott and Amy. They approach their life, their art and their business with intentionality, a sense of community and awareness of the world and their impact.

Amy and Scott are juggling a business, managing artist housing in a building full of intriguing artists and raising an energetic two year old. In the midst of all of this they are making a documentary (The Girl Who Knew Too Much).  The trick now, is how to continue to create their art, support their family and friends while managing a thriving business. Together we are working on strategies so Scott and Amy can successfully manage the load, make difficult decisions, take on important jobs and finish their documentary. Strategy sessions have helped Scott and Amy prioritize, negotiate a hectic calendar and find time to take good care of themselves and their little one. Plus create a film that will change the conversations about girl’s education!

What Amy and Scott have to say about working together

“Working on business strategy with Annie is equal parts cocktail party and rocket science. She’s one of those rare people who can deliver incisive, actionable insights (including, ahem, the occasional criticism), in a way that makes you feel you’re just the right person for the job–even as she’s helping you figure out what the freaking job is!” – Scott Squire, Owner, NonFiction Media


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