Project Description

Global Washington convenes, strengthens, and advocates for the global development sector in Washington State.

Global Washington brings together nonprofits, foundations and individuals to learn from each other and shines a spotlight on their work within the development sector. The act of convening gives the sector an opportunity to support each other and build collective impact. Through Global Washington’s work, Washington State’s global development sector is getting national recognition.

In 2010, Global Washington’s members created the Global Education Initiative to create a cohesive, global education system in the state of Washington. Global Washington is engaging a statewide coalition of academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and leading businesses in a multi-year process to develop and

“The world’s greatest problems do not result from people being unable to read and write. They result from people in the world—from different cultures, races, religions, and nations—being unable to get along and to work together to solve the world’s intractable problems.”
~ Dr. James A. Banks

The Work

For the last 8 months, I have been supporting Bookda Gheisar, Global Washington’s savvy Executive Director, and providing project management for their Global Education Initiative. Global Washington is a small organization doing a lot! I am providing project management so that Bookda and key committee members can concentrate on the vision and forward moving action of the Initiative. I take care of the nitty-gritty details, facilitate meetings, conduct interviews, organize a team of interns, and coordinate the messaging delivered to a diverse set of stakeholders. All of my support helps to build the foundation of this large scale initiative. I assure that all of our collective actions continue to move us toward the end goal of the Initiative.

It has been a great experience working with a dynamic, visionary leader and passionate community members and educators. It also powerful to be a part of a project that will have a profound impact on the education of Washington State’s young people and the future stability of Washington State’s economy. I love the opportunity to be in the details (timelines and planning) and the big picture (community change and collective impact) all at once.

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Dr James Bank’s quote from: (2008). Diversity Education, Group Identity and Citizenship in a Global Age. Educational Researcher , Vol 37 (3).
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