You made it through all 5 days!
How do you feel? 

We've included each audio recording below along with some extra notes and resources. 

Day 1

Day one: A moment to reflect, a moment to connect

Today’s practice sets the groundwork for self-recognition, connection, and visioning. 
Plus, it supports nervous system regulation.

Come take a listen! 

After you have listened or tried the practice - let me know - is this a practice you have done before, and if so, what have you noticed when you did it?

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Day 2

Day two: Build up support and accountability

This practice will allow you to build more support for your leadership.

We cannot do our work alone, and we cannot be great leaders without connection, comradery, and loving accountability.

Tune in here:

Let me know - What did you notice when you began to get clear on your communities of support? 

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Day 3

Day 3: Use your strengths.

You can do powerful change work when you work from your strengths. You can influence larger momentum and impact when you support others to be seen for and supported in their strengths.

Different strengths of yours will show up and be needed at different moments in time.

Even if you have identified your strengths in the past it is helpful to revisit your current strengths and what is needed for the work at hand.

Don’t be shy! Take a listen...

What are a few of your strengths? Come let me know on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Resource mentioned - StrengthFinders Books & Questionnaires, but remember this is only one way to explore your and your teammates' many strengths. Another way is to reflect and ask others!

Day 4

Day 4: Courageous communication.

This practice is not asking you to take immediate action. (Although that kind of courageous communication is necessary too.) 

This is a process of inquiry and preparation for conversations.

Today’s reflection can be used over and over to support deeper learning, listening, relationships, and repair. Plus, when activated it decreases stress in the long run!

Drop in and give this practice a try...

What has supported you in the past to enter into courageous conversations? Come let me know on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Day 5

Day 5: Transparent decision-making.

This is a quick process to think through one upcoming decision. However, you can expand this process to work for you in many areas of your work.

Decision-making clarity and changes to decision-making processes are one of the key ways you can make internal shifts and build more equitable policies.

Take action here.

When have you supported a clear and transparent decision-making process? How did you do it? Come let me know on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Resources mentioned -
How To Use A Popular Project Management Framework To Improve DEI (Forbes Article)
How to use DARCI (Medium Article)