Kickin’ Meetings with Actual Results

Do you or your teammates dread the next work meeting? Are you tired of meeting after meeting leading to no action or changes?
Do you need to produce a creative, fun, action-packed retreat? Need to bring together a diverse group to have a difficult conversation, but not sure where to begin?

It’s time to bring someone new to the table. Let Vessel take care of the next meeting agenda and facilitation.
I facilitate engaging meetings that connect people across difference, and result in action.

When I facilitate you will:

  • Experience relief
  • Gain the opportunity to listen and participate with everyone else
  • Develop new meeting facilitation strategies along the way
Meeting participants will:

  • Enjoy the meeting
  • Gain greater clarity and connection to other participants
  • Be ready to take action

What I offer when I facilitate:

  • Plan and confirm the goals and outcomes of the meetings
  • Assess the varied needs of the participants and partner organizations
  • Develop creative, multi-dimensional ways to engage participants and gather new ideas
  • Create momentum
  • Identify action items and responsible parties
  • Identify continued areas for growth and next steps
Want to bring in new energy and strategy to your meeting or training? Lets talk.
Rates: Facilitation rates are dependent upon the needs of your organization or business.