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Strategies, Solutions and Purposeful Project Management

I support you and your team in strategizing brilliant solutions and successfully completing your large organizational, business and community change projects.

How often have you set out to work on a new project for your organization or business, full of enthusiasm for the change and improvements it is going to bring about and then get halfway into the project and find yourself exhausted?

Or struggled to finish a large project with very little support from co-workers and little improvement in the end result?

You do not have to do it alone.

You need an extra pair of hands to help with the details and heavy lifting. Someone who believes in what you are working to accomplish. Someone to strategize with. Someone who can rally the team, inspire hope and get everyone working on the project.  Someone who will help you make sure the project is completed and implemented.

This is exactly what I do.

Hire Vessel to help with your project and you will:
  • Complete your project 30% faster
  • Recover the time you need to work on your organization’s mission or serve your business’ customers
  • Meet the requirements set by your boss, your board or your grant
  • Finish and implement the project you set out to do
  • Work better as a team than you did before the project
  • Feel victorious and enjoy a sense of pride!

Bringing me on board to help take the load off is easy. Let’s make a solid plan for your organizational or community change!

Annie Von Essen has the ability to synthesize multiple pieces of a complex project and produce cohesive outcomes.
~Jackie Jainga Hyllseth, Quality Initiatives Director at SOWA

I work with:
  • Small businesses
  • School districts and schools
  • Non-profits (specializing in education, arts and social services)
  • Churches and religious institutions
Most of the projects I work on fall into one of two categories:
  • Large-scale community change projects
    An organization or institution needs support to facilitate and manage a statewide or city-wide campaign.
  • Internal organizational improvements
    A business or organization needs support implementing better systems and structures such as a new set of procedures, a conflict resolution process, or better team communication.