Set Your Course Group Coaching

Are you ready to do your job and your life differently? Are you craving a change in your professional life but unsure about exactly what you want and how to get there?

Even when you want things to be different, the sea swell of change can be daunting.

What if you could get solid support, build a plan, and belong to a community that has your back?  What if you could feel momentum and move forward in only six weeks?

This is exactly what my group coaching program provides.

SET YOUR COURSE Group Coaching

Get unstuck, get a clearer picture of what you want, and figure out the steps that will move you toward what you want to do and how you want to do it. You will build a plan for making a change in your professional career — a change that is aligned with what you want for your life.

At the end of six weeks, you will:

  • Feel prepared to make a change
  • Gain clarity and reduce overwhelm
  • Discover the direction you want to go and learn how to get there
  • Develop your personal plan and understand how to move forward
  • Feel supported

“Annie has been a source of clarity in a blizzard of transitional chaos. She helped me discern the things I want to be focused on to achieve my life goals.”
~ Carrie Hamilton, Coaching Client

Next SET YOUR COURSE Group starts the week of July 13th.

Interested? Email me at to set up a 30-minute consultation call for free. In this quick coaching session, I will listen to your current situation and provide some guidance. We will determine if my Set Your Course group coaching program is a good fit for you.

Growing together. Traveling our own unique paths.

I have found that people work better in community. It feels good to know you are not alone when you’re making a major life change. The group coaching sessions will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate, to think creatively, to learn from each other, and to support each other.

I recognize that each of us is on our own tender, unique journey. That’s why I include one-on-one coaching for each Set Your Course participant. You’ll have space to make your own plan based on the goals you’ve set.

What you get:

  • Six group coaching calls (60 minutes each)
  • Two 1 on 1 coaching calls with Annie (60 minutes each)
  • Homework assignments designed to expand your awareness and generate positive changes in your professional life
  • Your personal plan for the change you want to make

What you gain:

  • Clarity and a new direction for your professional life
  • Momentum to help you get where you want to go
  • Food for thought – gentle questions and inspiring quotes to focus on
  • A supportive community of people who are in the same boat

Set Your Course Six-Week Schedule

Read more for detailed course schedule and course dates.
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1 on 1 Call with Annie: Set your goals & needs
Before Week One – 60-minute call
Review your goals and define what you want from the program during a 1 on 1 phone call.

Week One: Make space
Week of July 13th, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Figure out how to make space in your current situation so you can discern the direction you want to be going. Reduce stress and increase space for taking good care of yourself, so you can see clearly and prepare to make a transition.

Week Two: What you have & what you want
Week of July 20th, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Take an inventory of what your life and career is currently giving you. Get very clear on your intentions and desires so you can determine the direction you want to go.

Week Three: Explore new directions
Week of July 20th, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Identify the steps you need to take so you can explore your new professional direction. Begin working to further clarify your direction. Research new possibilities.

1 on 1 Coaching Call with Annie: Mid-journey check-in
Before or during Week Four – 60-minute group call
We will review your individual goals and course-correct as needed.

Week Four: Build a plan
Week of August 3rd, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Firm up your plan for making the transition you crave. Pull from your insights and all the learning you have done and chart a course for forward momentum.

Week Five: Make moves
Week of August 10th, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Learn tools that will help you take action and fight resistance and overwhelm. Practice small steps as you start to act on your plan.

Week Six: Keeping it up & celebrations
Week of August 17th, 2015 – 60-minute group call
Identify your core stumbling blocks. Build up your supports. Revisit and refine your plan. Celebrate your successes and the success of your group.


Read more for logistics and information about adding more one-on-one coaching to your course.
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  • To participate in Set Your Course group coaching, you will need a phone, access to email, and a Facebook account.
  • All sessions are conducted using conference call technology.
  • All Group Sessions will be conducted on Wednesday evenings (PST). Exact time to be determined 1 week prior to beginning.
  • Homework will be delivered via email.
  • Weekly check-in’s take place on a private Facebook group.
  • Participants can communicate on the private Facebook group between calls.
  • Calls will be recorded and available for group members in case you miss a call.

What if I want more one-on-one sessions?
If you would like an even more personalized approach, we can build a plan that works for you. You may schedule additional one-on-one coaching calls during or after the six-week Set Your Course session. Additional calls are priced separately, at my hourly rate.

What Guides the Work

I draw from many experiences, traditions and modalities. Problems are solved and dreams become reality as we look at the issues from many angles.
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  • We will explore multiple options and potential solutions.
    I believe there are many answers and no one right answer. I support creative process with my clients, so that many unique ideas can be conjured and a few supported into fruition.
  • We will look at your current strengths and needs.
    I see human beings (and the organizations they create) as dynamic, creative and resilient, with the ability to create their own solutions. As a social worker, I have been trained to look at an issue and see the interactions among a multitude of systems and relationships.
  • We will engage a social justice framework in our work together and as individuals.
    I recognize that people are battling oppressive forces and inequalities in our society. I believe we have to become and remain aware of current inequalities so we can create long-term change for our communities and ourselves.