Vessel Consulting & Strategy
Annie Von Essen +
a fabulous creative support team.

Vessel is a different sort of consulting business. I work alongside people, roll up my sleeves and do gritty, inventive work. I help individuals navigate the changes they are longing for in their life and career. I give business partners the tools to envision, run and grow their organizations.

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What this means: If you hire Vessel, you get me as your consultant or as your coach — and sometimes as both!  I also work with a great team, including a web designer, editors, video producers, writers, researchers and more.  So if your project needs extra hands, I have them!

What I do


Vessel Strategy & Consulting is a two-pronged business, one side consulting and one side coaching. The coaching and consulting inform each other.

Ever since I can remember, I have been organizing cupboards and calling club meetings to order. My consulting practice is a little like that! It’s about getting the job done and facilitating with grace along the way. It’s about coming into a project that is complex and stressful, and working with a team to deliver results and create positive change with less stress, more connection and more fun. I never forget that projects, organizations and communities are made up of people. I believe change happens when the people involved are engaged and listened to.

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If you need strategic support and facilitation of a project – bring me onboard!

All my life, friends and family have been sitting down with me to hash out a life plan, a new vision, or a problem with a co-worker. My coaching practice is focused on supporting individuals as they move toward their true professional dreams and goals, while making the space to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  I am a social worker by trade and training so I am always listening for the whole picture and looking at the whole person. My coaching delivers clean, clear plans for forward movement — but I always circle back to the individual’s true desires. I am two-thirds cheerleader and one-third ass-kicker with a good sprinkling of strategy.

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Ready to get the support you need, so you can make the change you are hoping for? Let’s talk.

I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.

-Louisa May Alcott

A Little More About Me

My name is Anna Von Essen but most folks call me Annie. I grew up in Yakima, Washington and miss the apples, rivers and hills of Eastern Washington. Now I live close to the ocean and can smell the salt water when the breeze shifts. I live in a turn of the century school building with my partner and a whole community of amazing artists.

I spent my adolescence watching my parents grow a successful family business and soon found myself helping with sales and repairing printers in the back of apple packing warehouses. I learned about the persistence, hard work and ingenuity it takes to run a business.

twisting inland,
the sea fog takes awhile
in the apple trees

-Michael McClintock

In my twenties, I lived in El Salvador where I learned about the power of grassroots, community-led change and strengthened my desire for a just world. My work life has been full of amazing experiences: helping kids and families find support in hard times, telling the stories of organizations striving for a different world and organizing groups around a common good.

I have a Masters in Social Work and a Masters in Public Administration. During my studies, I had the honor of learning from fellow students and professors who shared their own stories of community change. I call on social work and social justice framework when solving dynamic business puzzles and when working with individuals. I ask important questions and pay attention to human needs. I look at challenges from every angle. I am always creating a plan and a system for the work.

My Experience

During more than a decade in the nonprofit and social service fields, I have worked as a counselor, a communications manager, a fundraiser and a project manager. I have provided support for individuals and families as they made major life changes and planned for the future. I have helped organizations communicate with their donors and partners. I believe that running a program—even a very good program—is challenging and stressful, and there is always a need for a little more help.

In my coaching and consulting practice, I support nonprofit and small business leaders, creative entrepreneurs and artists, who seek to live and work with balance, passion and grace. I am invested in helping individuals and organizations carry out powerful visions.

My Dream

I dream of a world where each of us knows the deep wellspring of love we hold inside and we treat each other with dignity, equity and kindness. I am on a journey to encounter that love for myself and to build a world in which others can feel that love without the cloud of inequality obscuring it.