“The most important thing we learned from Annie was how to have a hard conversation She gave us a common language to use, so we all know how our culture should look and act. That common language isn’t something we put in a drawer, never to be thought of again. We had a tough conversation with staff last week, and without that common language, that conversation would have gone very differently.”
– Ruth Tollefson, Development Director, Peace Community Center, consulting client

“Annie is a creative communicator and she is very clued in to organizational dynamics. Annie’s kindness, personal integrity and thoughtfulness make working with her a joy.”
– Yael Falicov, formerly Executive Director, EcoViva, consulting client

“I have described working with Annie as working with the best consultant ever! It is great talking with Annie about big ideas and broad concepts and she has a knack for asking the right questions, developing a flow for process and well-laid action plans. Annie will always be MY consultant for projects and I have even retained her for personal coaching…she has had such a positive impact on my professional life.”
– Amanda Thomas

“Working on business strategy with Annie is equal parts cocktail party and rocket science. She delivers incisive, actionable insights in a way that makes you feel you’re just the right person for the job!”
– Scott Squire, owner Nonfiction Media, consulting client

“Annie’s thoughtful and creative facilitation allowed me to make time for myself and the self-care practices that are so necessary for doing my job better, being a better partner, and championing my own self-worth.”
-Colette Cosner, consulting client and Room Next Door participant

“Annie’s strategic goal setting work with Foster Care Initiatives at the College Success Foundation helped us distill out the most critical challenges and opportunities facing our team. Our “Big Questions” have become vernacular on our team and help us to laser focus our efforts.”
– Katie Kaiser, TITLE, College Success Foundation